"Lucy is a skilled teacher, she is patient and clearly communicates how to do postures. I love her classes and have tried many different teachers." C Chapman, 44, Lecturer University of South Wales

"I am 82 and have been doing yoga for 45 years, I have experienced lots of teachers. Lucy stands out a mile as by far the best. Lucy holds the class together in a wonderful, joyful, caring way. One feels safe and cared for." Annie Hitch, 82, Horticulturist

"Lucy creates an environment where it's non-competitive but gives you personal challenges.Strong focus on deep core strength, which has been key to my recovery of historical lower back pain" Ami Garrahy, 43, Dance and exercise teacher 

"Lucy has been the yoga teacher that stays with me .Whether I am doing a practice at home , yoga with someone else or going for a run ,I have Lucy in my mind making sure I'm holding my posture correctly.Whether doing self practice at home or I have gone to the occasional other yoga class I have been able to do the pose properly because I have Lucy in my mind telling me what to do. She has made me confident doing poses I didn't think I could do. This goes for the internal breathing poses and dynamic poses alike. Her class has transformed my yoga practice and I couldn't recommend here enough." Jamie Buchman Maguire 40,  Massage Therapist